World of the Living
music by Gary Marks, lyrics by Gary Marks
ASCAP © 1985

Sometimes when I'm lost inside
feeling life passing me by
I forget that you're here with me,
blind to what's in front of my eyes

Like a radiant morning sky
one could pray or just turn away
with a heart too dead to see, but

Chorus:   In the world of the living
                 your love is the breath that fills me.
                 Take me wherever you are tonight.
                 In the world of the living
                 your love is the light and dark in me
                 moving through all my life.

You are there in the silences
in between my every thought.
You are the freedom I feel
in moments I escape being caught
Caught up in the win and lose
Always something more to choose
to take me away from you.

I can feel you reaching out
to take me by the hand.
Someday I may understand
And believe what I see.