Back to Goodbye
music by Gary Marks, lyrics by Gary Marks
© 2006 Arewea Co. ASCAP

I’ve been walking your way
Passing through crowds on this city night
I can feel you somewhere close
Trying to get back to me

Oh, I can’t let go                                                                           
But you and I need to know    
it’s time to rewind fate
and get back to the place we say goodbye

Goodbye to love, goodbye to hate, goodbye to clear,
goodbye to haze, goodbye to mystery nights,
and to crazy fights, goodbye to wild trust
that saw a promise turn to dust.

I can make up a dream machine
Where the world is turned upside down
And pretend that touching you
Won’t pull both of us underground.

Oh, nothing to show
You and I just need to know
it’s time to rewind faith
and get back to the place we say goodbye

Goodbye to yes, goodbye to night, goodbye to sun,
the morning light, goodbye to endless highs, and
endless cries, and to boundless love that we churned back into time.

Goodbye hello, goodbye to secret codes, goodbye to finding souls
that had been buried like ghosts, goodbye to starlit beach
where we first found the key to everything until we cast it out to sea.
Hey hey
Back to goodbye
No dreams
No schemes
Back to goodbye
Yeah yeah
We are
Just memories.