Where the Road Begins
music by Gary Marks, lyrics by Gary Marks
© 2009 Arewea Co. ASCAP

Stand in line where wisdom and God are sold.
Ask why holy men would sell the truth?
Fears create what some would swear is faith
Follow they say, angels never stray.

And when doubts appear they say bury them,
Blame it all on sin, and you never come
to where the road begins.

Then one day on a cool sunny morn
Something strangely clear inside the air
Awakens you to the moment that’s always true
Where angels play. On this very day.

Many doubts will come. Wise ones follow them
‘til they light the way, and home we’ve come
here where the road begins.

So my friends, welcome to the end
Of this interlude we share in time.
May your way be blessed enough to find
Where angels play. Where illusions fade.

Many doubts will come. Wise ones follow them
Courage leads the way, until we come
To where the road begins.