Too Late City
written by Gary Marks © 1975 Arewea Co. ASCAP

City, death of me
so much in motion
I can't see.
If there's a way show me
how I can love you this day.
City lights shining
turned so high
all the stars have melted inside them.
Do my eyes see a tear light
falling from your face?
It so steel and cloudy
filled with crowds
secretly calling to somehow let them out.
Keeping their eyes open
always hoping
there's a dream here somewhere.
Morning you're so far off tonight
nobody wants you
you're too bright.
Thinking of ways now
a way out
before its far too late.

I’ve made my mind up
take me, gone with you. 
I'll leave it all behind if you will too.
Thinking of ways now
a way out
before its far too late.