music by Gary Marks, lyrics by Gary Marks
© 1970 Arewea Co. ASCAP

In times when we were together
her feelings were like a fire,
her a hair a windy waterfall of desire.
A magic mood of circles and caring.
Sleepy and warm in the sweet drifting air.
Moving far past all memories.
Her eyes a window, a mirror, a foggy circle of sea.

When I was left holding only our words
I felt so false and lonely
like forevers can be for the moment only.
The shifting sands were soft and tiny
as the mountains’ dark purple shadows crept by me.

Night fell like a feather
as the same moonlight touches our faces together.    
And I rearrange the past to cheat the pain.
Secretly deep inside I wait for her,   
all I got was the day breaking.

I sunk inside my restless room of strings.
My fingers touched body.
It was strange and useless to me.
And the madness broke through my windows, 
I could fight no more I lay open and raw, and it ate till it died like a drop of water in a glass of wine.       
And I am still alive.
And not afraid as I thought I would be.
I would like to stay in here a while with me.

Someday I may feel again the spell that we were in.
But even now the leaves are laughing
as the wind sweeps them up and around in passing.

From blossoming to being to the freedom of the fall
seasons change I will feel them all.

And who am I to feel these things?
Seasons change I will feel them all.