written by Gary Marks © 2012 Marksland Entertainment

In a life of wandering
Never cross a diamond mine
With too much money to burn     
Walking into hunted lands                                                    
Perilously blind
You may find there’s just too much to learn
Until you find yourself pleading
No more words. No more words                      
They can’t help us escape
Though we’ll never run out of things to say
A place, a place  
Where no man is burdened anymore
Wisdom comes only when we stop the war

Is freedom found anywhere?
Is freedom everywhere?
Oh yeah, another paradox alarm

Frozen as the days fly
Like a painting in a frame
We remain imprisoned by our own hand
With the colors slowly changing

No more words                                                                                                  
To define me
To tell me all about my dreams.
You know I’ll always dream of you anyway.
Gimme sun, gimme love,
Gimme messages from above
Tell me ‘bout all the things that words can’t say

“I love you”
written down
On a page
without a kiss
Only we endure a crazy fate like this    

Yeah words, swords, selling trinkets to the soul.
Trying to find salvation while we fight the world.

Hey love, real love, without the tears and lies 
can you whisper something more than words this time

Hey love, an angel, with angels at your side
Can you whisper something more than words
. . . this time