Out My Window
written by Gary Marks © 2012 Marksland Entertainment

Noise is symphony
Dreams play cymbals in time
No one knows the song              
That’s been playin’ all night   
I can hear it out my window
When I can’t sleep
I can see it in reflections
As the world passes by   

Sometimes when I
Have no place to go
I feel the stars shine in               
Clocks start to slow, and it’s a good night.  J

Shadows paint the street
Music floating on by
We don’t speak a word
We’re just around for the ride

I can see it out my window
When I can’t sleep
All the mannequins are dancing
If I don’t blink my eyes

Sometimes when we       
Have no place to go  
All the stars are racing in
Nothing to show, and it’s a good night. 

And it’s a good night
Out my window with you