Never Stops
written by Gary Marks © 1990 Arewea Co. ASCAP

We've been called back to Eden
'cause we've done something wrong out here.
We were supposed to learn something
but we just multiplied the fear.

I feel so bad now when I hold you in my arms
'cause even back there I won't be your only one.
There'll be some snake tempting you with everything he's got.
I guess it never stops.

We've been called back to Eden
'cause someone out there's seen enough.
New York in frenzied airless summertime
burning bodies up.

Or maybe it was just the hatred at every door.
The old ones on the street wondering what life was for.
Young ones like Cain himself, their minds tied up in knots.
I guess it never stops.

And I just want love to keep me alive through these crazy nights.
When I ran before it did not get me anywhere.
Nobody seemed to care if I survived or not.
I guess it never stops.

We've been recalled to Eden but somehow Eden's not the same.
Ancient rainforest chopped down, strip mined,
carried off in trains.

We all know we're doing it as we tear down this place we're in.
See it in board rooms as they divide their share of it.
See it in classroom books with little lies built in.
See fathers playing god, when children sin, they're shocked.
I guess it never stops.