Misery Loves Company
music by Gary Marks, lyrics by Gary Marks
ASCAP © 1985

I never quite understood before
and I may never understand again
Why a love like ours could last
With so little thick and so much thin.
Then I recalled the words of some Saint
Who lived long ago. He said,
“Misery loves company.”

I often thought of stopping thought
But the thought would merely cross my mind.
I used to think “I am what I think,”
But the more I thought about it
It just didn’t seem right.
I finally screamed, “Please leave me alone,”
But they told me I’ve been haunted by my past too long
And misery loves company.

Packed and ready, taking a stand
with the woman that I tried to love.
She asked, I gave, it was never quite right,
It was either too little
Or a little too much.
As I drove away I threw a note at her feet,
It said, “I know you’re never gonna be lonely,
‘cause misery loves company.”