Grace to Be
written by Gary Marks © 1978 Arewea Co. ASCAP

In my own way
I have seen to the colors
of the wind
though it spins me
when I look beyond to understand.

Human minds do search
for reasons to define in words
and ease our scattered souls --
some hold on tightly with faith or from fear
and some let go.

By the windows
where we swing like crystals on a string
and we reach out for
what the colors through our prisms bring,
warm light strikes a chord
from a dream not quite recalled
lit in afterglow –
some measure learning in years and in symbols and some just grow.

In the sun that shines
I feel just energy, the grace to be
simply a joyous feeling without which the search
doesn't mean a thing.

On the outside where reason dissolves with space and time
there are no answers there that
need questions to analyze the sky.

There shines throughout
the love that reason only talks about as some vague destiny.
Some eyes perceive it as truth
some as God
and some feel free.