written by Gary Marks © 1967 Arewea Co. ASCAP

Dad kissed my momma's eyes
we will make a child, wild and aware.
He will not stand still
he will rise above this
and dance and dance until the end.
We will not make the same mistakes with him.
And there was sparkle within his voice
and his smile filled her up inside.

So I was born
so curious
my feet flying here and there
from the sand to the ocean
me stretching out to touch the sun's rays
and giggle in bed at night.
Soon new chapters came
they were hard and strange
and my dreams became the words.
As I grew
I had come to lose the innocence of trying.
I pull down the shades
and retreat into the warmth of my bed
and blow out the light...

We will make a child
with patience and with strength.
He will learn to see pain as just a page
and finally he'll be free

just as we could only try to be.

So he was born
and his grandfather bubbled
and color
kissed his face again.