Different Kind of World
written by Gary Marks © 1993 Arewea Co. ASCAP

A new life without a name.
A new world in constant change.

Like the stars, random pearls in the night,
there’s no need for a plan or design.
Breathing in your ether of curls,
it’s a different kind of world.

A new language we learn to speak.
The old dreams are incomplete.

When you’re looking for something that lasts
all the pain and the anger are masks
as the deeper love unfurls,
it’s a different kind of world.

Steady wind keeps blowing the time away
does it drive you crazy or give you faith in fate?

New colors in every kiss.
How have you come to give me this?

Like a sea falling of the edge
just to find the earth folding its ledge,
landing in your blue eyes aswirl,
it’s a different kind of world.