New Life (The 64 th Time)
music by Gary Marks, lyrics by Gary Marks
© 2009 Arewea Co. ASCAP

God knows where love goes
Is it a mystery even to Him?
All the power of love vanishing
Leaves us here to sink or swim.

Reason is a nightmare
Logic’s a pitiful game
If every thought erases the joy
while mocking the innocent things

In our new life
All the stars de-code
In our new life
Where the ocean rolls over tears

Time is an illusion
But it still feels too short to me
My fingertips touching your face
Cold white marble taking its place

In our new life
All the suns explode
In our new life
all the rivers flow over years

Let’s start again, erase the time
No memories – we trick and kill the pain
So when you stumble into me
We won’t remember anything . . .anything

In our new life
All the stars glow warm
We can live there
where the giving drowns the fear.