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Thoughts of Why
written by Gary Marks © 1978 Arewea Co. ASCAP

I'm a spirit 
with the soul of a windblown cloud.
And I say I've tried
to be strong and 
at least find out
where I'm going.

East winds take my mind back
through the years
teach me to seek out
whisper to be what I believe

But my spirit has an anchor
as light as youth.
And I keep drifting
even after my eyes have seen the truth.

West winds pull me to be free and fly
wander through the distant skies
all thoughts of why now disappear.

I'm a spirit who's had lessons so perfectly clear.
And I say
I want to follow them
and the age of decision is here.

North winds like the thunderous threads of death
prove to me
'til south winds soothe me,
but no no
this can't go on forever.

I'm a spirit
with the soul of a windblown cloud.
And I'm sure to come to rest
if I only remember now 
to know why.