In 1973 Gary Marks self-produced his first album, "Gathering." His original music was accompanied by his band of future jazz greats, including guitarist John Scofield, pianist Michael Cochrane, and vibraphonist David Samuels. The LP was picked up and distributed internationally by Carla Bley's prestigious "J.C.O.A." label. Amsterdam's record label, Kindred Sprits re-released "Gathering" in September 2006.

"Gathering" is a unique amalgam of great songwriting, stunning instrumental playing, and lyrics that speak in a poetic voice like no other artist of his era. "Gathering" grew in stature through the years, as Marks continued his songwriting career, John Scofield became one of the world's most famous guitarists, and David Samuels and Michael Cochrane became internationally recognized. ”

— Jazz News